5 Mistakes When Buying Wheels And Tires


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Fuller here on Custom Offsets. These are the five mistakes people most commonly make when buying wheels and tires. The first common mistake that people make when they’re buying wheels and tires is they don’t understand their fitment. So we at Custom Offsets have developed a way where you can go in and get your fitment right on the first try, and that’s our Custom Offsets gallery. Some of the major factors that impact fitment are gonna be your width and your offset. Diameter doesn’t matter as much unless you’re really downsizing then you have to make sure you can clear your brakes. To understand your width and your offset, plug it into the gallery, and that’s gonna show you how far your wheels are gonna stick out. If you have a negative 44, it’s gonna stick out more than a negative 24. If you have a positive offset, it’s gonna get sucked in. And then your width obviously also impacts that. A 10 wide is gonna stick out less than a 12 wide. So to understand all of that, that is what the gallery is for. I’m not gonna dive really deep into that. You can go explore it if you want to on your own.

The second mistake people will make when buying wheels and tires are that they assume that all directional wheels are truly directional, and it’s simply not the case. In all cast wheels that we’re aware of, you’re not gonna get a separate left and right set, Which means on one side of the truck you’ll be digging and on the other side you’ll be swooping. So they’re gonna run different directions. Now you can get a truly directional wheel, but you’re gonna have to spend the money to get a forged wheel like an American Force, Specialty Forged, Moto Metal Forged, Fuel Forged, and the list goes on. You’re really gonna shell out some dough. So when it comes to picking out your rubbers, you gotta get something that protects you.

The number three mistake that people make when purchasing wheels and tires is that they forget about their tires. So when it comes to tires, there’s a lot of options out there. Now you can definitely get something cheap if you’re just planning on runnin’ it for the looks and don’t really care how it performs. Or you can get something a little more expensive that’s gonna last you really long and get the mileage out of it. But when it comes down to tires, you get what you pay for. More expensive tires are gonna come with a warranty. Cheap mud tires aren’t gonna have a warranty. They’re gonna be louder, and like I said, it’s just you get what you pay for.

The fourth mistake people make is they think that they have to get the 33×12-1/2. Well you’re wrong. You can go up and down in sizing by using metrics like what this tire is here. So like a 305×55 is gonna be really close to a 33×12-1/2. You’ll see a little bit of height but not quite as wide and easier to fit.

So the fifth mistake people make when they’re buying their wheels and tires is they don’t buy it as a package. What I mean by that is if you go on customoffsets.com, you pick out your wheels, there would be a little button that says, add tires and save more. You actually get a better deal when you bundle these together. Plus with the gallery we’ve already made it so you can get your perfect fitment right on the first try. So go out there, find your fitment, pick up your wheels and tires, get ’em shipped to you.

And that’s the other thing. These are mounted and balanced, and then they ship for free in the lower 48 states. So that means you won’t get your separate wheels and tires, take ’em to Bob’s Discount Tire Shop, and when he goes to put your 12-1/2 wide on your 14 wide, he won’t do that for you. We can. So that all wraps up our five things video. If you’d like to see more in-depth on these topics, you can browse our channel. There’s a couple different options for you to learn more about the offset, more about the tires, and see which is gonna be the best for you. Again if you liked this video, please like it and make sure you subscribe to us. We’ll probably put a big giant circle right here where you click on, or check some of our other videos out either to the left or to the right of me. You can click on those to check out the other videos. Again, make sure you subscribe. Like us on Facebook. Peace.